Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A larger shoulder-wing monoplane bearing a definite family resemblance to the Breda 65, the Breda 75 two-seat ground attack and reconnaissance plane was built experimentally in 1939. The sole prototype was powered by a 900 h.p. Isolta-Fraschini K.14. In addition to the raised wing position and larger dimensions, the Breda 75 was distinguished from the earlier models by a tall fixed landing gear braced to the bottom of the fuselage, and by a number of observation windows beneath the wings.

Maximum and cruising speeds were 233 m.p.h. and 186 m.p.h., a range of 1056 miles being attainable with a payload of 3968 lb. Armament was two 12.7-mm. machine guns. Dimensions included a span of 51 ft. 21/8 in., a length of 37 ft. 03/4 in., and a height of 10 ft. 2 in.

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  1. 3,968 lb of bombs on this thing? I'm going to need a source to believe that one.