Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Ambrosini also manufactured the AL 12P troop and cargo glider designed by Ing. Preti of Aeronautica Lombarda S.A. Constructed entirely of wood, the AL 12P possessed extremely clean contours. In addition to two normal doors, the fuselage featured a hinged forward section which swung to starboard to facilitate loading. Ten fully-equipped troops or a cargo up to a maximum of 3960 lb. could be carried. Air brakes were fitted above and below the wings just inboard of the ailerons. The AL 12P spanned 69 ft. 10 1/2 in., was 45 ft. 1/8 in. long, and had a wing area of 546 sq. ft. Empty weight was 3300 lb. and maximum weight 7260 lb.

A twin-engined variant, the P.512, was designed by Ambrosini and built after the war. Employing  Alfa Romeo 115ter in-line engines of 225 h.p. each, the P.512 was essentially the same as the glider in other respects, although a modified landing gear was fitted.

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