Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CANT Z.515

The Z.511 transatlantic seaplane in company with the Z.515 light reconnaissance bomber seaplane behind.

Although it bore a higher type number than the Z.511, the twin-engined Z.515 reconnaissance-bomber prototype was built earlier. in 1938. Mounting 750 h.p. Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C. 40 in-line engines, the Z.515 was equipped with three hand-held 7.7-mm. machine guns and one 12.7-mm. gun in a dorsal turret, and could carry 1320 lb. of bombs. Loaded weight was 18,700 lb. Span was 73 ft. 97/8 in. length 52 ft. 71/% in. height 19 ft. 23/4 in. and wing area 679.2 sq. ft. Maximum speed was 238 m.p.h. cruising speed 190 m.p.h., and range 1180 miles. The Z.515 was not developed, although certain components, including the wing structure, were incorporated in the Z.1018 medium bomber.

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