Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Caproni Ca.204

Caproni Ca.204 was a four engine strategic bomber presented In 1938 for the public competition BGR ( Bombardiere a Grande Raggio = long range bomber). The competition was called  by  the Regia Aeronautica, the winner was the Cant.Z 1014, in second place the Caproni Ca.204 and in third place the Piaggio P.108B

For the version powered by four Alfa AR.135 RC.132 radial engines rated at 1,350 CV the Ca.204 specifications were: span 31.50 m, length 23.20 m, wing area 124.0 sq. m, empty weight 11,900 kg, loaded weight 22,500 kg, wing loading 211 kg/sqm, maximum speed 515 km/h at 3,200 m, cruise speed 456 km/h at 4,500 m, range 4,360 km, load factor 7, armament five 12.7-mm machine guns and 2,000 kg bombload (20 x 100-kg bombs), crew 7.

'Italian fighter planes' (Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 22, 08 Apr 1943) lists the Isotta Fraschini L.180 IRCC 45 as producing 1500 hp. The US War Department's assumption was that the L.180 IRCC would power a future Re-2005 torpedo-fighter.

The alternative engine for the Ca.204 were Isotta-Fraschini Zetas (1250 hp Zeta R.C.42s?).

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  1. Hi, late question but didn't the Caproni Ca.204 have a bigger bombload? It should have been able to carry more bombs because of the speed. The P.108 is slow, but have more bombs. But the Caproni Ca.204 would still be faster than the P.108 with more bombs. Could you find out please? I have searched all possible sites but is is only written "200kg bombload" and some pages are just a copy paste from others.