Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A twin-engined, twin-boom, high-altitude two-seat fighter bomber designed in answer to the DeHavilland Mosquito, the Ca 380 Corsaro (Corsair) was partially completed at the' time of the Armistice but never flew. The pilot and radio operator were seated back to back in the starboard boom, with fuel and equipment in the port boom. The Ca 380 was to have been powered by 1475 h.p. Daimler Benz DB 605 engines, although 1550 h.p. DB 603 units were contemplated as later production replacements. Armament was four 20-mm. Mauser cannon in a pod under the wing center section and two 12.7-mm. SAFAT machine guns in the wings outboard of the airscrew discs. 

Estimated performance was: maximum speed 400 m.p.h. at 23,525 ft., maximum continuous cruising speed 311 m.p.h., range 1336-1616 miles, service ceiling 34,450 ft., and climb to 19,680 ft. in 7 min. 9 sec. Loaded weight was 16,383 lb. Dimensions included a span of 52 ft. 6 in., a length of 39 ft. 01/2 in., a height (in horizontal attitude) of 12 ft. 6 in., and a wing area of 432.7 sq. ft.

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