Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The Ca 316 was a twin-float seaplane for reconnaissance duties with the Regia Marina (Italian Navy). Intended to replace the Ro 43 biplanes, the Ca 316 was to have been catapult-launched from warships of the R.M. Powered by two 450 h.p. Piaggio P.VII C.16 radial engines, only a few prototypes were completed.

Performance included a maximum speed of 204 m.p.h., a cruising speed of 186 m.p.h., a service ceiling of 19,680 ft., and a range of 994 miles. Span was 52 ft. 2 in., length 42 ft. 3 1/2 In., height 16 ft. 9 in., and wing area 409 sq. ft. Armament consisted of a 12.7-mm. machine gun in the port wing root and a 7.7-mm. gun In a Landani dorsal turret; 880 lb. of bombs or a single torpedo made up the offensive load. The first prototype flew in August, 1940. 500 h.p. P.VII C.35 radials were proposed for production machines, which in the event never materialized, priority having been given to the Ca 313 and Ca 314.

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