Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rounds of Ammo on Italian Fighters

MC.200 - 2x 370/12.7mm
MC.202 (series I-V) - 2x 360/12.7mm
MC.202 (series VI-XI) - 2x 360/12.7mm + 2x 500/7.7mm
MC.205V (series I) - 2x 400/12.7mm + 2x 500/7.7mm
MC.205V (series II) - 2x 250/20mm + 2x 400/12.7mm
MC.205N1 - 1x 200/20mm + 2x 400/12.7mm + 2x 300/12.7mm
MC.205N2 - 1x 200/20mm + 2x 250/20mm + 2x 400/12.7mm
Re.2000 2x 300/12.7mm
Re.2001 2x 350/12.7mm + 2x 600/7.7mm
Re.2001C.N. [not all of them] 2x ?/20mm + 2x 350/12.7mm [1]
Re.2002 1x 450/12.7mm (right) + 1x 390/12.7mm (left) + 1x 290/7.7mm (right) + 1x 350/7.7mm (left)
Re.2005 2x 200/20mm 1x 150/20mm + + 2x 350/12.7mm
G.55 1x 250/20mm + 2x 200/20mm + 2x 300/12.7mm

[1] I think that these guns had probably the same ammo as the Bf 109G6/R6, since the installation of these two planes looks very similar (I have no idea of the ammo number). This means that a sizeable amount of MG 151 (100? 200?) must have been consigned during 1942.

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