Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The T.18 single-seat fighter, built in 1938, competed against contemporary Italian fighter monoplanes but won no production contracts. Performance with the 1000 h.p. FlAT A.80 R.C.41 radial was fair. (MM 363)

Designed in 1937 to the same requirements that gave birth to the Caproni-Vizzola F.5, FIAT G.50, Macchi C.200, Meridionali Ro 51, and Reggiane Re 2000 fighters, the T.18 (T indicating Trojani) single-seat fighter was flown for the first time in 1938, powered by a 1000 h.p. FIAT A.80 R.C.41 eighteen-cylinder radial engine. In spite of its comparatively modern appearance, the T.18 proved to be disappointing in flight trials; the design was abandoned in 1939. Armament consisted of two 12.7-mm. Breda-SAFAT machine guns mounted in the fuselage. The T.18 had a maximum speed of 335 m.p.h., a cruising speed of 278 m.p.h., a landing speed of 72 m.p.h., and a range of 497 miles. Dimensions included a span of 37 ft. 83/4 in., a length of 28 ft. 83/4 in., a height of 9 ft. 5 in., and a wing area of 204.4 sq. ft. Further details, including weights, are not available.

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