Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Flown for the first time in January, 1941, the Ca 355 was a smaller dive bomber development of the Ca 335/SA7. Of mixed construction, the sole Ca 355 prototype employed an 850 h.p. Isotta-Fralichini Delta IV twelve-cylinder air-cooled engine and a rearward-retracting landing gear based on that of the Curtiss P-40. Split dive brakes were fitted to the trailing edges of the wings and a swinging bomb harness guided a single 1100-lb. weapon. In spite of successful trials, the Ca 355 did not receive any production orders. No defensive armament was fitted to the prototype. Empty and loaded weights were 4356 lb. and 7810 lb. Span was 42 ft. 6 in., length 32 ft. 7 in., and height 10 ft. 4 in. Performance included a maximum speed of 302 m.p.h. and a cruising speed of 236 m.p.h.

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