Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Designed by Ing. Bellomo, the MB.902 twin-engined, single-seat heavy fighter had just entered the final stages of construction when the events of September, 1943, put a halt to its development, and the prototype was destroyed.

An extremely unorthodox design, the all-metal MB.902 mounted two 1475 h.p. FIAT R.A.I050 R.C.58 Tifone (license-built DB 605A) twelve-cylinder vee engines buried in the fuselage and driving twin contra-rotating airscrews in the wings by extension shafts. This resulted in a well-streamlined airframe with the advantage of centralized firepower (two 20mm. cannon and four 12.7-mm machine guns) without the drag of engine nacelles. A further refinement was the tricycle landing gear; the MB.902 and the equally unusual Ambrosini S.S.4 were among the very few Italian aircraft so equipped. Empty and loaded weights were 12,650 lb. and 15,840 lb. Estimated maximum speed was 429 m.p.h. at 19,680 ft., cruising speed 261 m.p.h., range 1056 miles, and service ceiling 34,440 ft. Dimensions were: span 47 ft. 1/4 in., length 46 ft. 11 3/4 in., and wing area 341.1 sq. ft.

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