Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Originally designed as a reconnaissance aircraft the Fiat CANSA FC.20 was made into an interceptor and ground attack aircraft.

The FC.20 was a mid-wing monoplane that had an all metal structure and a composite cover.
Two of the FC.20's prototypes were completed in 1940. One was a ground attack aircraft and the other reconnaissance. A 37 mm cannon was installed in the ground attack aircraft but it failed to live up to expectations. It was then decided to make the FC.20 an interceptor.

The FC.20 was difficult to handle and unstable in flight..

Operational history
A few production FC.20bis were built and it is known that three served the 174a Sqadriglia Ricognizione Strategica in July 1943 but were not used operationally. Italian military operations ceased with the armistice of September 1943.

    First prototype, long nose reconnaissance version.
    Short nose ground attack version. Dorsal turret.
    As FC.20 with 745 kW (1,000 hp) Fiat A.80 R.C.41 twin row 18-cylinder radial engines. Dorsal turret.
    As FC.20bis with 935 kW (1,250 hp) Daimler-Benz DB 601 inverted V-12 engines. Dorsal turret.

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